Job Series: How to work as a Chef in Australia

Job Series: How to work as a Chef in Australia

At Migration Expert, clients often ask us about the most in-demand jobs; which visas would allow them to work in their nominated fields; and how to go about applying for a job once they’ve arrived in Australia.
So we’ve decided to start the “Job Series” to help shed some light on the occupations listed in the SOL (Sponsored Occupation List), and hopefully, provide some useful advice for successful job applications.
In today’s post, we’ll be looking at Chefs and Cooks. 

Migration Expert AU Job Series: how to work as a chef in Australia

Job Title: Chef (Note: the job ‘Cook’ also falls under ‘Chef’).
The term Chef only applies to applicants from proper food establishments; meaning applicants who work in fast food and take-away food services are not able to apply as a chef.
The accepted specialisations under the ‘chef’ title are Chef de Partie, Commis chef, Demi Chef, Second Chef and Sous Chef.
It is also worth noting that although Chef is listed in the SOL, there is also a chance that none of the states or territories have a demand for this particular occupation.
If this is the case, the Online Assessment won’t display it as it only lists occupations that are in high demand by a state/territory. If you the job is not listed, it best to obtain a secure job offer from an employer in Australia and apply for sponsorship instead.
Job Description:

Chefs are expected to plan and organise the safe handling and cooking of food in a dining establishment or catering company.
Technical tasks as listed on the Australian Government Job outlook site:
  • planning menus, estimating food and labour costs, and ordering food supplies
  • monitoring quality of dishes at all stages of preparation and presentation
  • discussing food preparation issues with Managers, Dietitians and kitchen and waiting staff
  • demonstrating techniques and advising on cooking procedures
  • preparing and cooking food
  • explaining and enforcing hygiene regulations
  • may select and train staff
  • may freeze and preserve foods
Qualifications/Experience you’d need to do this job:

Though there aren’t any formal qualifications required, it is helpful if applicants have:
- AQF Associate Degree, or an Advanced Diploma
However, if the applicant has at least three years of relevant industry experience, then they are not required to have the formal qualifications listed above.
There have been some cases where applicants have been required to provide both experience (including on-the-job training) and formal certifications.

How to apply for this type of job: 
The food and hospitality industry is quite large in Australia, and Chefs are able to obtain work in several areas including Accommodation and Food Services (like Hotels); Health Care and Social assistance; Arts and recreation services; and Rental, Hiring and Real Services (like catering companies).

Which visa you would need to apply for:
As Chef is listed under the SOL, applicants can apply for:
The governing body that assesses chef applications are the TRA (Trades Recognition Australia). You can read more about them here.

Which sites/job portals can I use to find a job?

Here are the best sites for Chefs looking to procure a job:

All of these sites are reputable and are a fantastic way for newly arrived chefs who are looking to establish connections and get their foot in the robust Australian hospitality industry.

We hope this post has provided some detailed insight about working as a chef in Australia. Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re looking to secure a job in Australia, or have been accepted for a position, talk to one of our registered migration consultants about the visa requirements for employees and company sponsorship.


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