The Most Romantic Destinations to Visit Around Australia

The Most Romantic Destinations to Visit Around Australia

Visiting Australia for a romantic getaway?
Australia has been portrayed as an oasis of beaches and a chilled lifestyle, two traits which aren't always at the top of the list when thinking of "romantic places" to visit.
If there’s one thing about this country that is underrated, it's that it will never cease to surprise you, (which is paramount if you want to eschew boring romantic getaways). 
We’re talking about the grassy plains, the stretches of crystalline coastlines, and even the country inns that offer silence - perfect for couples wishing to catch up, patch up and everything in-between.  
Each city has something to offer; here are our top recommendations for each state:

We begin with the most skipped-over city in the country, in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). We know you won’t travel that far just to see another version of a cityscape you’ve already seen in your country, but, take it from us, it’s worth the shot. 
We can say Canberra is the little New York-cum-Los Angeles-cum-London down under for its beautiful museums, galleries, bookstores, art shops, and everything culture. 
Don’t forget to cap your day with some alfresco dining overlooking the night sky. We highly recommend trying Aubergine or  Sage for a classy dining experience.
It’s undeniable that the best thing about this Tasmanian city is its people, who are friendly, accommodating, and never get tired of volunteering themselves as your official tour guide for a minute or two if you asked them about their hometown. 
True enough, it’s hard not to say a kind word about its beauty. Hobart has the balance you’ve been looking for: it has decent beaches, beautiful coastal views, the breathtaking Russell Falls, the Bruny Island, and the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden. 
But we urge you to stay at least a week and pretend to be old-world lovers at Battery Point or become one of the locals by tasting whatever the Salamanca Market has to offer.

Gold Coast
Queensland’s coastal city is your typical enjoyable metropolis, which is perfect if you’re into nightclubs, live performances, or hitting the cruise to watch some whales showing off some mad diving and ocean-whirling skills in wild abandon. 
It also has imposing hinterlands if you feel like doing a customary selfie, recording a 360-video of your vow renewals at SkyPoint Deck, or have some blogger/pre-nuptial shots at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. 
Yet the most romantic spot here remains the famous Gold Coast coastline. Just find a place where you can stretch your feet towards the undertow and witness the majestic Q1 tower succumb to the auburn dusk in silence. Surely the city lights will inspire you to hum some lovely ballads to your loved one.

“Sydney is passé,” is indeed something you might hear from a Melbournian, but skipping the city’s breathtaking harbours and sunset spots are mortal sins. 
Who would not swoon over Sydney’s horizon when witnessed from a seaplane gliding above Rose Bay? Or dine in at least one of these fancy restaurants? There’s an array of choices including the ever-popular climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge or visiting the Opera House. 
Do we have to add that the Sydney firmament—especially at night—is beautiful, too?

Do you appreciate fine things? Experience the exquisiteness of Vue de MondeIl Solito Posto or Movida.
Love heights? Go hot air ballooning at Yarra Valley. Want peace and quiet? Row a boat or take a punt tour around the Royal Botanical Gardens, or maybe read Neruda’s poems on the Melbourne Observation Wheel. 
But the allure of Melbourne is on its streets, in its people, local restaurants, and open parks. Walk the city like any other local couples would do, especially at night. The city comes to life after dusk; the best way to admire the pretty glittering lights is from the top of the Eureka Skydeck.

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland
Often touted as Australia’s most beautiful beach, Whitehaven's splendour is hard to pass up. Who wouldn’t see romance in its turquoise-cobalt-pearl sea? How about the long stretch of crystal sand and the quixotic landscape of the Whitsundays? 
You can find everything a beach lover is looking for in a beach town—fantastic food, tours and recreation, the steady 26-degree temperature, island-hopping—but its best asset is, hands down, and will always be, the sea. 
Spread a beach mat on the sand, take occasional dips in its crystal-clear water, and wait for the sunset to come—what more could you want? It isn't called a slice of paradise for no reason.
Speaking of beaches, Western Australia’s capital has many. Have you heard of Turquoise Bay, Lucky Bay, City Beach, Cottesloe, Green Pool, and Eight Mile? If you’re a beach junkie, then you have to take your special someone to at least one of these world-class beaches. 
If you’re into water sports, visit Lancelin and Scarborough, or if you’re the laid-back type then simply watch the Indian Ocean sunsets of Cable Beach or hop aboard a ferry to see the iconic Elizabeth Quay and the Swan River glow at night.
Hunter Valley, New South Wales
It’s just several kilometres away from Sydney, but it appears to be hundreds and thousands of miles away regarding topography and aesthetics. 
Forget about sprawling coastlines or skyscrapers when you visit Hunter Valley. Instead, think of wine. A quick sojourn to its wine estates and farms will catapult you to places you thought only exist only in Greece, Italy and France.  Do you fancy hot air ballooning above the region’s rolling and verdant scenery? Then Hunter valley’s one for you.


The fifth most livable city in the world is not only perfect for expats but for lovers, too. It's the home to Haigh’s—Australia’s most renowned confectionary producer— famous for its high-quality chocolates. 
After touring its factory in Parkside, why not take a stroll to the breweries and experience its wine culture? After all, it is the country’s wine capital, which means you can visit the sprawling vineyards, which are pretty romantic, too. 
This part of Australia is so beautiful you’ll surely stay after Valentine’s. And if you do stay, take your special one to the Adelaide Fringe Festival, which is perfect if you’re into arts, music, booze, and endless partying.
We know, we know. And it would be unfair to say that Australia—with its enormity and vastness—only a few romantic destinations. The truth is, it doesn't matter which part of Australia you visit, the country will always deliver the most memorable getaways for you and your partner.

We know what you’re thinking. Believe us: Valentine’s Day (or any other romantic occasion) in Australia is uniquely romantic.  Apply for a Travel Visa now. 


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